Krista Nelson, 6th generation Lenape grandmother, 
takes the Lenape view of nature being alive to the next level. 
Honoring the Lenape tradition of interconnectedness, 
Krista is encouraging a practice of reciprocity.
What folks are saying....
"Do you want to partner with a magnificent/magical teacher, guide, and companion who is passionate about learning and leading from a place of humility and compassion? Krista is the one! Her offerings are profound and transformative. I have experienced her generosity in connecting with the woods (forest bathing), sacred singing and playing instruments to the water (creek drinking), and working with nature elements to support grieving. Her books, talismans and photography have enriched my life as have her beauty, wisdom, and brilliance. Highly recommended! "
Sherry Paris  (she/her) Author and Educator

"Krista, your gentle spirit created such a safe space to enter into nature initiation. You made me want to lie on the earth and dance by the fire, to drink the rain and walk in the breeze."
Erin Ponton Fiero, Educator * Coach * Healer
In her recent talk From Grieving to Grounding, hosted by the Organization of Nature Evolutionairies, Krista outlined an earth-element and sensory-perception path for generational healing: honor loss, receive love, make love.
Krista Nelson, Nature Whisperer, walks the earth as an African American and Lenape grandmother. As a Lenape language keeper, Krista is working to revitalize this endangered indigenous language and unlock embedded codes to Lenape culture for a people and a planet in dire need of decolonizing hearts and minds. When she is not tending the fires of her growing family, she works as an Eco-Therapist specializing in grief relief and personal aspirational manifestation. She believes that through ritual and celebration in natural settings we become enlivened, creative, radiant beings. Recipients of her Nature as Lover teachings undergo a deep personal transformation as they learn how to make love with and for earth, air, water, fire, and space. Newly certified as a Yoga Nidra guide, Krista is enriching her offerings with the healing benefits of resting deeply in an embodied state of expanded consciousness.

Nature Element Ritual to bring us closer to the values of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

Overtone singing to call my soul back home after Luna, my sweet Jack Russel Terrier, transitioned.

"I see the value in relating with nature elements through expressions of gratitude that take the shape of visual art, music, poetry, storytelling, and dance. When I listen to water, I give thanks by making music for water. 
Connecting our sense of hearing with the sound of water is a sublime expression of making love. I listen and respond with an offering of music made with the sounds of water.  
Making music for water helps to dispel feelings of isolation and is therefore a healing modality not only for individuals who feel disconnected from nature, but those who see themselves as outcasts of their families and for entire communities who have been marginalized, oppressed, and persecuted."

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