Mycelium Tasting
Mycelium Tasting is the vibration that occurs when we pair our sense of taste with nature element, earth. The love expressed is storytelling. 
Why do we make love this way? 
Sharing our stories with the land grounds us, comforts us, lifts us up and soothes us. This is perfect medicine for the experience of loss.
Let’s make love with and for earth —​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Mycelium Tasting loss.
Mycelium Tasty Stories
Myth, memoir, or legend; land loves a good story. 
Let's tell stories so good you can taste them. 
When we pair our sense of taste with our appreciation for the earth. 
Sharing stories both real and imagined helps to foster a sense of belonging and dispel notions of loss as we (re)member and (re)store interconnectivity with all our relations in nature.

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