Sun Spotting
Sun Spotting —​​​​​​​ seeing the fire and the absence of fire; light and shadow.  
The vibration that occurs when we pair vision with fire is expressed 
as visual art. 
Photography. Painting. Sketching. Sculpture.
Visual art is good medicine for pain.​​​​​​​ 
Let’s make love with gratitude for fire —​​​​​​​ Sun Spotting pain.
Sun Spotting Selfies 
Fire, a true symbol of transformation is celebrated in how we see light and shadow. We pair our sense of sight with the element of fire represented by sunlight, starlight, or moonlight, candlelight, flashlight, strobe light etc. Creating visual art from our observation of the presence of light ushers in a sense of joy and can bring a welcomed distraction from pain. 

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