Nature As Lover Masterclass Replay with Krista Nelson October 8, 2022

Nature As Lover explores the impact of making love, a process of pairing human senses with natural elements.
The pairing concludes with an offering of gratitude in the form of  visual art, music, poetry, storytelling, and dance. 

Before nature was a mother, 
she was a lover.
She makes love with us, for us, and for herself.

Nature As Lover is environmental advocacy fueled by radical reciprocity between humans and the elements — fire, water, air, earth, and space. 
This advocacy has healing repercussions for individuals, the collective, and the planet. 
Water, for example, is listened to while music is made for water’s pleasure, and this act of reciprocity produces a healing effect for the human response to isolation.
The Natural Lovers community gathers together to make love with fire, water, air, earth, and space. 
We create the sacred medicines of visual art, music, literature, and dance. These medicines impact pain, isolation, despair, loss, and fear. 

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