Shape Shifting
Shape Shifting is the vibration that occurs when we pair touch with space. 
And the love that is made we express with movement. 
Why do we make love this way? 
To diminish fear of course. 
Let’s make love with and for space —​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ Shape Shifting fear.
Shape Shifting Spaciousness
In the space between the trees, the clouds, the rocks, and the waves are shapes. We pair our sense of touch with the element of space. We celebrate the spaces between and the very space we are in with the movement of our own bodies. While simply walking and taking the next step forward we can dispel notions of fear and celebrate being held by the containers of space wherever they find us.
Dave Gillies honors the space between. He rigs a tight wire over water and between trees. This, he often tells me, is how he  takes "fear for a walk." The rig is Sun Spotting sculpture, while the wire walk is Shape Shifting movement. Dave makes medicine for fear and pain.
Dave Gillies walks the tight wire while reciting lines from Laurence Ferlinghetti's Constantly Risking Absurdity. Dave makes love to both space and air. He combines his sense of touch with the element of space. And he pairs his sense of smell with the element of air. The love he makes create movement and poetry dispelling both fear and despair. Notice the Sun Spotting parasol visual art. Dave make medicine for fear, despair, and pain all at the same time.

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